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State, Federal and Local Programs

Title I, Title II, Title III, IDEA, Section 31A, CTE/Perkins, School Improvement.

The funds are used in different ways. To purchase new technology,  supplemental materials, and services for scholars. Flint Community Schools scholars experience direct benefits of this extra funding daily.

Grants Program

Title I, Title II, Title III, IDEA, Section 31A, CTE/Perkins, School Improvement provide funds to districts to assist schools with the highest levels of economically disadvantaged youngsters to:

  • improve student achievement for all participating children,

  • improve staff development and

  • improve parent and family engagement.

By federal law, funds are allocated directly to schools to work toward these three goals. In this district, all schools falling above 58% of their K-12 membership eligible for a free or reduced-price meal receive funds. Funds are allocated per qualifying child (child with free or reduced-price meal status). Federal law requires that a district not use funds to offset expenses to a school that other sources would typically pay if funds were unavailable.

Parent Engagement

Parents are an essential part of education.  They are their child's first teacher.  Funds assist parents in becoming more involved in their child's education and better prepared to support their child's education at home. 

There are many ways for parents to become more engaged.  The grant office supports parents through training, workshops, and informational meetings and also wants parents to know what is happening at school to provide input. 

This overview provides insights into how schools determine the utilization of funds to shape their educational programs. The process involves a collaborative effort from administrators, staff, and parents in the form of an Instructional Council. This team relies on state and district testing data to identify program needs. The selected programs must align with the school's 90-Day Plans. The district plays a crucial role in monitoring and supporting Title I programs, with dedicated resource staff offering ongoing assistance to ensure compliance with regulations.

To keep parents informed, Title schools conduct Annual Meetings where the school's Title budget and overall grade are explained. Additionally, parents can directly contact the school for detailed information about the Title program. For those interested in actively participating in decision-making processes, every school allocates funds for parent engagement activities. Engaging in these activities allows parents to play a more integral role in shaping the school's educational objectives and improving educational outcomes for their children.

Meet our Team

Call (810) 760-1259 for further information about this program.

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Vacant Position

Grants Coordinator of State, Federal & Local Programs

Donna Lott-Simmons, Grants Compliance Monitor of State, Federal & Local Programs

Donna Lott-Simmons

Grant Compliance Monitor

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Jalonda Nettles, Grant Procurement/Onboarding Liaison of State, Federal & Local Programs

Jalonda Nettles

Grant Procurement/Onboarding Liaison

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Chelly Osborne, Staff Assistant of State, Federal & Local Programs

Chelly Osborne

Staff Assistant

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