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FREE After School Tutorial Program

"At Flint Community Schools, we believe in leveling the playing field for all scholars. Our Free After-School Tutoring Program not only enhances reading and math skills but also bridges educational gaps, ensuring every scholar has the opportunity to thrive. By addressing these fundamental areas early on, we empower our students to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and future success."

Bridgett Jones, District Communications Specialist  

   Flint Community Schools

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By providing the necessary tools and skills, the Flint Community Schools' Free After-School Tutoring Program firmly believes in the potential of every child to succeed in life.

Flint Community Schools is dedicated to helping our scholars succeed. 

Flint Community Schools offers a Free After-School Tutoring Program that enhances reading and math skills throughout the year. This initiative is crucial in addressing the educational gap, mainly since falling behind in these fundamental areas by the fourth grade can significantly impact a child's future education and employment opportunities.

The roles and responsibilities of each Party as they relate to FCS's Community Education Initiative, which works to provide direct comprehensive services to students, families, and community members, and ensure that scholars' educational, physical, social, and emotional needs are being met to increase student readiness for learning and academic achievement.

At Flint Community Schools, we are excited to provide a FREE After-School Tutoring Program, a crucial initiative to enhance our students' reading and math skills throughout the academic year. This program results from our successful cultivation of partnerships with local and national tutorial vendors, reflecting our commitment to providing high-quality educational support to our scholars. We recognize that falling behind in fundamental areas like reading and math by the fourth grade can significantly impact a child's future education and employment opportunities.

Therefore, our Free After-School Tutoring Program is strategically designed to address these educational gaps. By offering personalized and focused tutoring sessions, we are helping our scholars excel in these critical subjects and laying a solid foundation for their ongoing academic journey and future success.

We believe that through this program, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our scholars and the broader Flint Community.

The FREE After-School Tutorial Program is only available to FCS scholars:

These services are only available to scholars attending Flint Community Schools. Services are not available to students who reside in the City of Flint and are attending other schools via Schools of Choice within the city limits and or outside the district's boundaries.

The FREE After-school tutoring is available to scholars attending for following Flint Community Schools:

  • Accelerated Learning Academy

  • Brownell STEM Academy

  • Doyle Ryder Education Center

  • Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary

  • Eisenhower Elementary

  • Freeman Elementary

  • Holmes STEM Middle School

  • Neithercut Elementary

  • Pierce Elementary

  • Potter Elementary

  • Southwestern Classical Academy

Key Features of the Program:

  1. Target Audience: The program is designed for students who are eager to learn and parents who are committed to supporting their educational journey.

  2. Skill Building Focus: Emphasizes year-round development in reading and math to ensure continuous learning and skill enhancement.

  3. Program Requirements:

    • Mandatory Consistent Attendance: Regular participation is essential for effective learning.

    • Enrollment Sessions: Offers three distinct class sessions - Winter, Summer, and Fall, allowing flexibility and continual learning opportunities.

    • Positive Group Interaction: Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to engage positively in a group setting.

  4. Supportive Environment: Tutors provide encouragement, motivation, and support, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning achievement.

  5. Addressing Educational Barriers: Recognizes that children's educational barriers often mirror those of adults. These can range from being impacted by parental stress/anxiety to adopting attitudes of education avoidance. The program aims to break this cycle by offering supportive and motivating educational experiences.

Tutoring services will provide:

Instruction via in-person or Zoom if approved, based on the scholar’s preference. Ideally, schedules will be flexible and include afternoons, evenings, or weekend hours. This will ensure schedules can be customized to ensure each scholar and family needs are met.

  • Pre and post-assessment to determine specific learning needs (1:1 ratio).

Available programs should include (not limited to):

  • Math

  • Reading

  • Writing

Study Skills

  • SAT

  • Homework Support

  • Enhance critical thinking and analytical skills

  • Reinforce Common Core standards

To ensure the program offered will include techniques scholars can utilize and integrate to become more independent learners. Programs should align with the State of Michigan and local district standards. It is instrumental to ensure courses increase the scholar’s confidence in learning and motivation for continual learning.

Ideally, the tutoring services will ensure the following before services being rendered:

  • Ensure all staff are State certified instructors

  • Administer, score, and interpret assessments

  • Provide all assessment and instructional materials

  • The process to monitor instructional quality

  • Willingness to provide reports and communication to parents

  • Identified point of contact for administrators to discuss student performance

  • Willingness to communicate and report attendance to the district.